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The First Ladies Who Brought the Occult to the White House

After studying art history at Vassar, Joan developed an interest in astrology and was soon writing on the subject for Seventeen magazine. He thought it was bunk. Quigley is very snobbish about her clientele.

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Remember all men would be tyrants if they could! Nancy, however, was eager to see her husband on the national stage or just back on national TV. Mr Regan, of course, after four years in the Cabinet, was well acquainted with Mrs Reagan's unwavering devotion to her husband, her concern for his reputation, her frequent plunges into policy differences and her frank cultivation of favourites. Quigley also said that she could have helped Ronal Reagan avoid the attempt made on his life in Image from Flickr user Randy Robertson. Defence contractor, 49, 'who had a grudge against British authorities and used his photographic memory to Hollyoaks star, 37, and husband David O'Mahony are expecting first child

I just take people of great depth whose lives are interesting. From the first, Reagan fit the bill. In July he told a reporter about the Jeane Dixon episode and added that he read his daily horoscope. But it seems that all that changed in March , after John Hinckley attempted to assassinate the President. Which we did.

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Since then, the First Lady has been a regular, paying client, though Quigley will not say how often they consult. She stresses that she has met the President only once, in the receiving line of a State dinner for the President of Algeria. Quigley vehemently denies ever playing such a key policy role. Yet Quigley admits that she and Nancy have spoken since their relationship became public knowledge last week.

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Nancy Reagan's astrologer

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Nancy Reagan gives a Tour of the White House to Raisa Gorbachev on December 9, 1987

According to her page on the White House website , at the conclusion of her husband's presidency, the couple "made a prolonged trip abroad in search of health for [her]—she carried Benny's Bible throughout the journey. The quest was unsuccessful, so the couple came home to New Hampshire to be near family and friends until Jane's death in She was buried near Benny's grave.

After the Pierces vacated the White House, life-long bachelor James Buchanan moved in for four years—so no witchy First Lady—but the next spiritualist to live in the White House moved in just after Buchanan's term: Mary Lincoln.

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Like Pierce, Lincoln lived through the deaths of her sons one before Abe's term, one during, and one after , and her occult process of choice was also seances. Even the purportedly Honest husband himself attended a seance, according to historian Carl Anthony , that the Mrs. Apparently, she reached both her dead sons, Willie and Eddie, whose ghosts she claimed visited her in her White House bedroom.

Little Eddie is sometimes with him.

Nancy Reagan turned to astrology in White House to protect her husband

Mumler to take a couple's picture of her and her husband's ghost. As for whether First Ladies disproportionately dabble in the occult, Krider thinks there's no significant difference. In midth century New York, the Fox sisters' public seances popularized Spiritualism, right around the time that Pierce and Lincoln were trying to reach their dead sons.

Later, both Edith Wilson and Florence Harding consulted with the astrologer Madame Marcia Champney in the s and s, when for-profit fortune telling and astrological radio shows flourished until the Federal Communications Commission started its first term and cracked down on such broadcasts in According to a article in the Washington Post , Harding—whom Champney called a "child of Destiny"—"never made a move without first consulting her horoscope.

According to the same article, she suggested to Champney that she would "[bring her] in through the front door, not the back"—a reference to how Florence Harding's predecessor, Edith Wilson, would sneak Champney in through the south entrance.

Three Tips for Making Decisions With the Help of Astrology

Joan Ceciel Quigley (April 10, – October 23, ), of San Francisco, California, was an astrologer best known for her astrological advice to the Reagan. Astrologer Joan Quigley with a group of charts she uses in her work, at her residence in Nob Hill, San Francisco, March 15, Quigley was the White House.

People who are desperate for help, for answers, sometimes go to extreme measures. What these women do experience at a higher rate is the likelihood of being teased or criticized.

Interview with Astrologer for First Lady Nancy Reagan

In another Washington Post article about Harding and her best friend published in , the same writer notes the "suspicious" First Lady's "obsession with the occult. Regan's memoirs uncovered the couple's habits. Reagan has an interest in astrology," Fitzwater said. She was very concerned for her husband's welfare, and astrology has been part of her concern in terms of his activities.