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Recent site activity. Not single but multiple houses play role in any event of life.

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In KP terminology, these groups of houses for the event is called "House Group". This is also referred as Formula by some KP astrologers. In the table below we need to combine primary houses and supporting houses to come up with the house grouping for the event. For example, event "Good health" has 1,11 as house group.

Event "Proneness of disease" has house group 1, 6, 8, If the cuspal sub lord of primary house signifies primary and supporting houses, the event is promised. Please read " Chapter 2: Fundamental Principles " to get better understanding. Events happens when the planet-lords of current dasa dasa lord, antardasa lord, pratyantardasa lord, sookshma lord etc.

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For example, one has "Good health" when one passes through dasa of the planets signifies houses 1, Similarly, "Proneness to disease" happens when one passes through dasa of the planets signifies 1,6,8, Events relating Second House. Events relating Third House. Type of Query Primary House Supporting Houses Signing a contract 3 6,9,11 Meeting Bank officer for overdraft 3 6,9,11 Filing a court case 3 6,11 Getting Passport, Green card, Visa 3 9,11,12 Starting journey 3 5,9,11 Negotiations 3 9,11 and the cuspal position that represents the purpose Change of place- Transfer 3 10,11 Younger co-born proneness to sickness 3 8,10,2 Computer programmer 3 2,11 10 Publication as Profession 3 2,11 Events relating Fourth House.

If the sub lord of the 7th cusp is the significator of 7, 8, 12 and 5, opponent is very powerful in all walks of life. If the sub lord of the 7th cusp signifies 2, 7 and 11 and the girl born with such ruling planets as are the significators of 2, 7 and 11 n you can marry rich girl for harmonious married life. If 1, 6 and 10 she will not come under marriage fold. If the sub lord of the 7th cusp is either Venus or Jupiter and signifies 2 and 11, very happy marital life.

If the 7th cusp sub lord is sun — no pleasure, moon — very pleasant, mars — silly quarrels and displeasure, Mercury — enjoys more than ones, Jupiter — pleasant, Venus — extreme pleasure, 64 leelas, Saturn dissatisfaction in intercourse and duration short. If the 7th cusp sub lord is Saturn, aged husband i. Rahu and Ketu, in terms of rasi lords. If you want to know your future from an astrologer, the 7th cusp denoted the astrologer.

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He is in the sub of Sun, lord of Xth house posited in the Xth itself. One should be careful of marrying such a person because of the questionable character and consequent indulgence in any kind of illicit affair is predicted and proved in several horoscopes actually. The dasa lord shows the general trend of the period in operation. Love Affair and Marriage in Kp Astrology. Book Now.

If the sub lord of the 7th cusp is a fast moving planet, he will predict immediately, slow moving planet, there will be delay in analysis of the problem. Theft : if the sub lord of the 7th cusp is Mercury, thief is very young, Venus — youthful and young female, mars — full of age, Jupiter — middle age, Saturn — elderly person, sun — young and sex — see the sub lord in terms of the planets sex.

Partner in business is shown by 7th cusp. If the sub lord is Mercury tells more than one partner and if signifies 11th strong tie of partnership and if will connected to Venus through sub, cordial relationship are promised.

The person murdered represents the 1st cusp. Back to Rules Page. So 3rd,5th,7th,11th and 12 house and their Lord should be connected with Rahu,Venus, Moon or Mars in Horoscope for any kind of secret love affairs. Besides the above mentioned points there are some more things. The Mars of a man if coincides with the Venus of a women or vice versa they will be attracted towards each other immediately.

If the Upapada Lagna of one person coincides with the Atmakaraka Planet of other, there is a relation from past birth and such relations are very difficult to avoid. So if such persons come in contact, the chances of infidelity increases.

When Darapada is in a Dusthana 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th Bhava from Arudha Lagna or is not connected with it sexual drive may be there, but it will be largely curtailed and difficult to materialize. While judging extramarital affairs in astrology we must check the condition of Jupiter. We must remember Marriage is not only a relation between a Man and a women only but it is a relation of two family. This is completely based upon mutual trust.

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We should not break this trust for our own selfish desires. Our entire Life is controlled by planetary influence. So before marriage we must check the planetary influence that is responsible for extramarital affairs in astrology. No body wants a cheating spouse. So before marriage, it is very important to judge the condition of infidelity in female Horoscope or Male Horoscope. The divorce rate in India is increasing every year and the main reason of it is misunderstanding and infidelity in relationship.

Please read Improve your Love life with Astrology If we know that our prospective spouse can involve in secret love affair outside marriage, we can avoid the person.

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We have to understand that everything is not predestined. There is a scope of Free will. If we try we can change the result to a great extent. So we can be cautious if we know that there is combination of infidelity:astrology can be a great help in this.

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